Children need individual attention – more than our hard-working staff can give all the time. The support of volunteers makes a big difference in the lives of the children, who thrive under the individual attention volunteers can give them. (Read some of our volunteer experiences)

Weekly volunteers

Up to 20 committed volunteers come to the home weekly. They are asked to commit themselves for at least two months and to specific time slots so that their services can be effectively integrated with the duties of the staff with whom they work. They help with the daily duties and stimulate the children through more individual attention – especially at play time and meal times. There are quarterly training sessions for volunteers where concerns, problems and achievements are worked through.

Volunteers from abroad

Our overseas volunteer programme has grown enormously over the past number of years and young people from across the world have spent time helping here. Volunteers help at meal times and with play sessions, games and outings for smaller groups of children. Their willingness to assist and gain experience is very rewarding for children and staff.Volunteers should be at least 20 years old, be willing to commit themselves for a period of at least two months, and will be asked to work four days per week from 08:30 to 17:00. For further information, please contact us at  the home directly.

Many of the volunteers contact us after having heard about us from previous volunteers in their respective countries. There are also agencies who can be approached to make the necessary arrangements:

  • You2Africa
  • Good Hope Studies
  • ScanZA

Corporate volunteers

Volunteers from companies and organisations often offer their services for specific projects. Such corporate volunteers organise outings and parties for the children. They also offer their services regarding upkeep and maintenance of the building and equipment.

Specialist volunteers

Because of medical needs related to HIV, alcohol abuse or social issues, our children are in need of more medical attention. We have a panel of volunteer doctors who take turns to visit the Home once a week. They refer the children to hospitals in the vicinity: Groote Schuur, Somerset and Red Cross Children’s. Medication prescribed by our doctors is obtained from the Abdurgahman Day Hospital, but some of the special medication is not supplied by the state clinics and has to be purchased at a local pharmacy.


We can accommodate a small  number of students from local and overseas universities who wish to do their practical at the Home.  Students in Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Public Relations, Human Resources and  Pre-Primary Education can gain practical experience while assisting staff with their duties.  Anyone interested can contact us.