The origins of the Christine Revell Children’s Home go back more than 60 years, having been started by a community worker, Christine Revell, to care for young unwed mothers. The Uniting Reformed Church later transformed it into a children’s home and place of safety for babies and small children and named it after Christine Revell. The Home is registered with the Department of Social Services of the Western Cape and receives a small monthly subsidy per child. For all other needs the Home depends on donations.


In 2000, the Church established a Trust that took over ownership and management of the Home. According to its trust deed (IT 1921/2000) the Christine Revell Children’s Home Trust consists of between five and eleven trustees, five of them nominated by the Uniting Reformed Church and five nominated from the broader community. The eleventh member of the trust is the Director ex officio. The Trust meets four times and takes the necessary policy and financial decisions according to which the Home is run.

Management committee

There is a management committee that meets once a month with the director. The committee consists of volunteers who support and advise the director.  A wide variety of skills is required, including human resources management, financial management, PR and marketing, medical and nursing expertise, general management and building and maintenance expertise. These portfolios all form part of the director’s duties.

Back Row (left to right): Kirsten Scheltema, Hannarie Wenhold, Lionel Daniel, Sonja van der Sandt Front row (left to right): Dirk Hoffman, Alicia Rhoda, Serene Rosslind, Benjamin Lemboe, Alfons Genseberger


Other staff members include a social worker and 21 full-time as well as several part-time staff members who care for the babies and children 24 hours of every day.

Our facilities

We are housed in a solid double-storey building  with a garden and outside play areas for the children, several  areas for in-door activities, a large laundry and kitchen, bedrooms and  child-friendly bathrooms, as well as offices for the staff.